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Exclusive Oclean Flow Travel Set
HIGHLIGHTS Exclusive Oclean Flow Travel set (Worth RM 550) MAIN POINTSOclean Flow Smart Sonic Electric Toothbrush 【High Performance Motor】Up to 38000rpm brush strokes per minute. 【Brush Head】FDA brush head 【Long Battery Life】180 days of battery life on a single charge....
RM550.00 RM425.00
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Oclean Toothbrush Replacement - X Pro Elite
HIGHLIGHTS 【Ready Stock】Ship from Selangor, Malaysia【Adopt for DuPont Tynex Brilliance bristle to provide better brushing experience. 】【W-shaped design, easy to clean the hard-to-reach interdental area.】 【Rounding bristle will not scratch your gums or damage the surface.】 【Rust-free, environmentally friendly and healthy.】【Food-grade...
Oclean Toothbrush Replacement - One/Air 2
HIGHLIGHTS â–ȘAdopt for DuPont Tynex Brilliance bristle to provide better brushing experience â–ȘW-shaped design, easy to clean the hard-to-reach interdental area â–ȘRounding bristle will not scratch your gums or damage the surface â–ȘRust-free, environmentally friendly and healthy â–ȘFood-grade PP material...
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Xiaomi T500 Sonic Toothbrush
HIGHLIGHTS【More than 40% cleaner】 Personalized custom tooth cleaning mode according to their habits 【APP control】comprehensive care of oral problems, intelligent identification of dental teeth and oral report teaches you to brush your teeth correctly 【High frequency vibration 31000 times/min】 Cleaning...
Oclean Air 2 Sonic Toothbrush
【Ready Stock + 2 Year Warranty】Ship from Selangor, MalaysiaHIGHLIGHTS【Noise Reduction Technology】Driven by above 20000Hz Ultrasonic Signal technology, the motor cancels the noise and offer a quiet and joyful brushing experience【Pedex Triangle Bristles】Three-dimensional bristles offering an effective cleaning effect【One button control】Long...
RM159.00 RM129.00
Oclean One Sonic Toothbrush
【Ready stock +2 Year Warranty】Local Seller, Ships from Selangor, MalaysiaHIGHLIGHTS【APP Control】【Intelligent sound Reminder】BLE support for intelligent sound reminder angles and pressure of user while brushing the teeth. 【Brush Head】DuPont/ Pedex Brilliance Bristies【Oral Care Customized Program】12 Customized Cleaning Care Programs 【Powerful...
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Oclean Z1 Sonic Toothbrush
HIGHLIGHTS【Ready stock + 2 Year Warranty】Local Seller, Ships from Selangor, Malaysia【App Control】【Brushing coverage Real- time Feedback】Built-in-6-axis gyroscope can track your coverage in real time .【Brushing Plan Suitable For You】Up to 15 preset brushing plans can be chosen through the appalso...
RM149.90 RM129.90
realme Negative Ions Hair Dryer
HIGHLIGHTS:【Sleek and Comfortable Design】Minimalist design, simple, soothing colors and ergonomic comfort【Advanced Negative Ions Technology】Ionizes negative ions in the air through electrodes which providing health care for the hair【Powerful, High Speed Fan】Features a built-in high performance fan motor with maximum 19000rpm【Calmer...
Oclean x Oxwhite 2 in 1 Premium Cotton Towel Face & Hand
Please note that this item is not for sale.Get this exclusive set by purchasing RM100 per order from 25th Oct 2021 to 11th Nov 2021This deluxe bath towel is perfect for gentle facials or a spa-like cleansing, inspired by the...
Simpleway Auto Smart Soap Dispenser 300ml
HIGHLIGHTS【Smart Auto-sensing】 Build in Infrared Sensor that can detect hand movement and take only 0.25 seconds to dispense a pre-determined amount of hand sanitizer automatically. 【More Hygienic】 Just reach out without squeezing, no contact, cleaner & more hygienic 【Clean &...
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Xiaodun Multipurpose Sterilizer Bag - Portable
HIGHLIGHTSA spike in coronavirus infection has alarm all Malaysian, it is important for us to avoid being exposed to the virues. So Keep germs aways, sterilize with Dunhome Sterilization Box Ready stock in Malaysia + 1 Year Warranty, Local Seller, Ships...
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Dreame Premium Hair Dryer - 1400W
HIGHLIGHTS【Ready Stock in Malaysia】Local Seller, ships from KL, Malaysia【1 Year Local Warranty】 Warranty from Dasher【Original Official Dreame Ionic Hair Dryer 1400W for daily use】【Nagative ion】Generates 10,000,000 pcs/cm square nagative ion. Makes hair shiny and smooth【Heat Monitor】The built-in microprocessor and sensor...
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Xiaomi Smart Visual Pore Cleaner - Silver
STOP USING FINGERNAILS TO REMOVE BLACKHEAD! đŸ˜± Use MeiShi Smart Visual Pore Cleaner to remove skin blemishes in a safer, easier, and cleaner way~HIGHLIGHTS【Ready Stock + 1 Year Warranty】Ships from Selangor, Malaysia【Pore Cleaner with Camera】Featuring a camera that linking to...
RM79.90 RM77.90
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Smate Sterilizer Box 99% - Destroy bacteria in 5 mins - Silver
HIGHLIGHTS*Only Disinfection Mode is suitable for electronic gadgets*【Ready Stock + 1 Year warranty】Ship from Selangor, Malaysia【UV-C LED + Sterilization in 5 minutes】Destroy structure of virus, germ and bacteria 99.9% just in 5 minutes 【No harm, safe and efficient】No need any...
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Xiaoda Toothbrush Sterilizer Box - Kill bacteria 99% - Silver
HIGHLIGHTS【 Keep your toothbrushes clean】 as they should be and disinfect it after every use.【Improve oral hygiene】 Keep your toothbrush clean from germs and bacteria and protect your teeth and gum【UVC ultraviolet sterilization】 the sterilization rate up to 99.9% 【Convenient...
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Ardor Neck Massager Pillow - 8 Finger 3D Kneading Massage - Silver
HIGHLIGHTS【Ready stock in Malaysia + 1 Year Warranty, Local Seller, Ships from Selangor, Malaysia】【8-Finger Stimulation 3D Kneading Massage】4 touching point on both sides as professional massagist ease your neck muscle.【Portable to carry out anywhere】One-key Inflatable Design, easily put the Ardor...
RM259.00 RM219.00
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8H Travel Neck Pillow - Antibacterial - Silver
HIGHLIGHTS【Ready stock in Malaysia】Local Seller, Ships from Selangor, Malaysia【Washable and Anti Bacteria Pillow】【The natural essential from Rayong】【Weave after dyeing, safe and skin-friendly】【The exterior pillow cover is made of Sinkiang cotton, the fabric is soft, elastic and breathable】【Double twisted knitting techniques,...

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