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  • Ready stock in Malaysia, Local Seller, Ships from KL, Malaysia
  • 6 months Malaysia warranty by Dasher
  • Control the purifier using MiJia apps
  • OLED Screen to display PM2.5 index
  • 360 Degree HEPA Filter removes PM2.5 effectively
  • Low Noise, Low Power consumption and high efficient air cleaning
  • Light Sensor - the screen will dim automatically when the room is dark
  • Easy to change filter, low cost of filter
  • Extra Door and Window Sensor for XiaoMi Home Security.
  • Put your XiaoMi air purifier to stand by mode when open window
  • Greet you when you come back home
  • Turn on your XiaoMi lamp when you open the door
  • Does not include wall plug and other sensor
  • Lightweight design, simple and slim appearance.
  • It can real-time detect the temperature and humidity condition.
  • It will automatic alarm if the temperature and humidity is abnormal.
  • You can easy control the temperature and humidity change by viewing the data according to historical records.
  • Supoort APP control, more convenient to use.
  • Temperature measuring accuracy is -0.3 - 0.3 degree.
  • Humidity measuring accuracy is -3 - 3 percent.
  • Extra Motion Sensor for XiaoMi Home Security.
  • Wireless switch sensor, detect human and pet motion
  • Turning On/Off for your XiaoMi smart home device
  • Must have XiaoMi Home Security to use this accessory 
  • Does not include other XiaoMi home security kit
  • Extra Switch Button for XiaoMi Home Security.
  • Wireless switch for your XiaoMi smart home device
  • Bring your button everywhere within your house
  • Must have XiaoMi Home Security to use this accessory 
  • This is Xiaomi smart home gateway multifunctional alarm system
  • Measure thing such as temperature, movement, light and sound, while connected with other Xiaomi smart home devices.
  • Online Radio:  Built-in speaker, support online radio, timing turn off when you are asleep and turn on to wake you up
  • Night lights:  Built-in light sensor, and with 16 millions changeable color lights turn on when in low light conditions
  • Customized bell:  Customize the bell for alarm. Connect with APP to upload the songs you like to the gateway
  • Connected with body sensor:  When someone pass by, the light will auto turn on
  • Connected with door sensor:  The light and ring for you when you open the door
  • Connected with IP camera:  Warning remind and video view for you when someone break in your house
  • Lightweight design, easy to intall and use.
  • Compatible with Android 4.0 and above or iOS 7.0 and above.