From a humble beginning

Our Story

Dasher is committed to providing excellent, yet modern shopping experiences for smart gadget enthusiasts and tech adopters. Serving more than ONE million customers and counting, Dasher has become one of the best-selling brands for home and personal smart gadgets in Malaysia. 

Our team strives hard to grasp the latest trend and people's technology needs every day. Dasher's consistency and efficiency in handling orders and requests are also unchallenged. 

Therefore, we make sure the greatest smart gadgets are available and affordable in our online stores.

How We Started

Foresight For E-Commerce Trends

From humble beginnings as e-commerce retail to dominating the landscape and lives of many places and people. Future shopping in our opinion is one of the technology-driven physical, internet and mobile commerce enablers. DM Dasher Sdn Bhd was founded in 2011 by a group of teenagers who believed that e-commerce would become a trend in future.

Our Vision

Redefine Futuristic Shopping Experience

Dasher aims to create a future shopping experience for the people and carry on a business with a technology-driven toward physical, internet and becoming one of the top mobile commerce enablers. We are constantly finding new ways to innovate a truly personalized shopping experience. From discovering new products to delivering them to the doorstep, we want to make the process effortless for customers.

Our Team

Always One Step Ahead

With the current expansion of the e-commerce industry, the teams are expected to face unique challenges compared to any brick-and-mortar shop owners. Like new technologies, regulations or cybersecurity to protect all store data, Dasher’s tremendous growth requires more broad-mind, e-commerce passionate and creative individuals to join the team. 

We are committed to overcoming any challenges and growing to our fullest potential here. If you are interested in joining our team, check out our available positions here.