A Power Station and a new type of dashcam by 70mai...?

October 8, 2021


70mai has always been known for their dashcam with occasionally car-related accessories such as jump starter, TPMS (sorry no news for restock😭), air pumps, etc. It came as a surprise to me they decided to make a power station.


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The specifications

The 70mai Power Station Tera 1000 is capable of charging via AC, Car, Gas Generator and Solar Panel. Pretty handy when you’re at a location without AC charging. The charging speed is quite insane despite having 1000Wh capacity battery, capable of charging a smartphone (10W) roughly 75 times. 

It only takes 1 hour to reach 80%, with 100% full charge almost 2 hours (AC or gas generator only though). That’s extremely convenient when you’re in a rush or in a situation you don’t have much time to charge, perhaps while travelling maybe?

10 Power Outputs

Comes with 10 power outputs capable of charging 10 devices simultaneously which includes three AC, two USB-A, two USB-C, two DC 5521 port and one 12V Car Port. Not only you can charge multiple of your own devices, but your friends & family can charge at the same time too.

App Control

Oh yeah, it comes with app support too! From the app photo, it looks like its capable of turning on/off via app, turning on light, scheduling DC & AC output time and various other setting. 

So, this isn’t just a regular power station, it’s a smart power station!


There aren’t many power stations available on Shopee & Lazada. The only available are usually cheap power stations shipped from China, or no-brand OEM, which personally I don’t think I can trust for a product that’s essentially a huge battery. 

Safety & reliability is number 1 priority for a power station. It would be bad if it suddenly stops working or caught on fire while you’re in a remote area.

70mai already have a pretty good reputation for their dashcam & car accessories so it should serve as an assurance it’s safe & reliable to use.

The sad news

Unfortunately, the one shown above comes with AC outlet which is only for US market. There’s no news whether it will be available officially in Malaysia. I will keep checking straight with 70mai HQ people to see if there’s any news, so stay tune!

Be sure to leave comments below as anything that shows demand for this product will help me persuade 70mai to maybe bring in this product earlier to Malaysia market :)

But wait there’s more! 

70mai is planning to release another new dashcam model in the early 2022. It’s a different type of dashcam unlike the existing M300/A400/A500S/A800S. However, that’s all I can reveal for now or else 70mai people might come chasing me 😂

I will release more info about this dashcam next month, so stay tune :D

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A Power Station and a new type of dashcam by 70mai ? | Dasher MY
mhivkdk http://www.g988xh1c71hd50j4ino6dxf4q7603d2zs.org/

A Power Station and a new type of dashcam by 70mai ? | Dasher MY
mhivkdk http://www.g988xh1c71hd50j4ino6dxf4q7603d2zs.org/

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