Baseus Portable Mini Fridge
SUITABLE FOR:- Uni Student or White-collar rental which the fridge is mini and does not occupy space- Perfect skin care storage fridge for beauty lover- Convenient to store breast milk for mummies even at outside HIGHLIGHTS【Ready Stock + 1 Year...
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Xiaomi G10 Cordless Handheld Vacuum - 25Kpa
Our home is dustier than you think đŸ€§ A deep clean vacuum is a must to remove both dust particles and invisible bacteria 😉 HIGHLIGHTS 【25kPa High Suction Power】Latest digital motor spins at 125,000rpm & 25% more suction power than...
RM1,099.00 from RM779.00
Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner Mop Pro - 2100pa - Black
HIGHLIGHTS【Ready Stock + 1 Year Warranty】【Support 3 Cleaning Mode】 Sweeping and mopping, sweeping, mopping【2 Dust Box for Effective Cleaning】550ml Large Dust Box (For Sweeping) and 2in1 Dust box (300ml dust box + 200ml water tank) for sweeping and mopping function【Upgraded LDS】Multi-level calibration...
RM1,189.00 from RM1,079.00
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Xiaomi Air Purifier 4 Pro - Black
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:Do you aware that there are a lot of harmful gases just around our home? We may be affected by flu and sneezing especially your cutie child in the home.You may need fresh air to protect your family.Let’s try...
RM899.00 from RM860.00
Levoit Air Purifier P350 - Black
Levoit #Top 1 Amazon Air Purifier Official Store 2 Years WarrantyHIGHLIGHTS【Enhanced Filtration】The activated carbon filter’s ARC Formula absorbs odors and breaks them down.【Ultra Quiet】QuietKEAP Technology keeps noise levels as low as 24dB.【Pet Friendly】Designed to combat allergens, odors, and other contaminants...
RM599.00 RM509.00
Google Nest Mini (2nd Gen) - Black
HIGHLIGHTS 【Ready stock + 1 Year Warranty】 【NEW: 360 Degree Sound with 40mm Driver】2x stronger bass than google home mini. 【NEW: Integrated Wall Mount Design】Make it easy to put in any room. 【Voice Command】Summon Google Assistant whenever you need help...
HL 120ml Mini humidifier - 3 in 1 function - Black
HIGHLIGHTS【3 in 1 function】 Has the function of air aromatherapy, air humidifier and nightlight【Water level sensor】When water shortage, the red-light prompts for 10 seconds, it will intimate intelligent power off【Ultra-thin water mist 】 Spreads without damaging the natural ingredients of...
RM59.90 RM48.90
Xiaomi CCTV Holder Stand - Multiple CCTV Model - Black
*Mijia 360 IP Cam is not included*HIGHLIGHTS【Ready Stock】Ship from Selangor, Malaysia【Suitable for Mijia 360 /PTK 2K/ PTK 2K Pro Security IP cam】WHAT'S IN THE BOXSecurity Camera Holder x 1
realme 4K Smart Google TV Stick - Black
‱ Still using old TV? Often travel? No worries, the portable realme Smart TV Stick is here! ‱ Just plug and play into your TV HDMI to enjoy the latest Google TV at 4K :D‱ Enjoy Dasher friendly customer serviceHighlights:‱【Ready Stock + 1 Year...
RM299.00 RM199.00
Xiaomi K10 Pro Cordless Handheld Vacuum - 2 in 1 Vacuum & Mop - Black
HIGHLIGHTS【Ready stock + 1 Year Warranty】Local Seller, Ships from Selangor, Malaysia【Anti-Tangle Motorized Brush】No more struggles with human and pet hair getting entangled.【Dual Intelligent Adjustment System】Automatically adjusts the suction power based on the amount of dirt and different types of surfaces.【150AW...
RM1,399.00 from RM1,269.00
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Xiaomi Smart Microwave - Black
HIGHLIGHTS【Ready Stock in Malaysia 1 Year Local Warranty 】Local Sellar, ships in Selangor, Malaysia【Chinese Version Product】Only pair with China Region Xiaomi Product【Microcrytalline Plate Heating + 700W High Power Heating】Rapid heating and uniform firepower which improve food heating efficiency【20litre Large Capacity】Meet...
RM399.00 RM309.00
Xiaomi Mijia Mini Vacuum Cleaner - Black
HIGHLIGHTS【Ready Stock + 1 Year Warranty】Ship from Selangor, Malaysia【Small and Portable】Can bring and use it everywhere without any problem【0.5kg Lightweight】Lighter than bottle water, even children also can hold it easily, and enable us saving effort when vacuuming.【Brushless Motor with Strong...
from RM179.00
Xiaomi G1 Robot Vacuum Accessories - Black
HIGHLIGHTS Ready stock in Malaysia, Local Seller, Ships from KL, Malaysia*Note : We are recommended to clean the filter frequently, and replace each set of spare parts every 2-6 months to keep your vacuum cleaner working all the time in high-performance.【Side...
RM29.00 from RM21.90
Levoit Air Purifier Core 400S - Black
Levoit #Top 1 Amazon Air Purifier Official Store 2 Years Warranty HIGHLIGHTS 【Fully Certificated】 ETL Listed, FCC Certified, CARB Certified, and compliant with California’s strict standards for indoor cleaning devices. 【Levoit Technologies】 【ARC Formulaℱ】 Helps neutralize household odors and pet...
RM999.00 RM699.00
Xiaomi Mi Wireless Outdoor CCTV Camera - Black
✹ Note: Camera is required to pair with an indoor receiver, 1 indoor receiver can support up to 4 cameras. For the 1st buyer: You can choose Set Version For who looking for Camera only: You can choose Camera only...
from RM269.00
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Imilab IP016 CCTV Camera - Baby Crying detection 360° - Black
HIGHLIGHTS【Ready Stock + 1 Year Warranty】 Ship from Selangor, Malaysia【App Control】 Can be controlled by using Mijia app【Baby Crying Detection】 Innovative audio identification of baby crying sound by the mood of the video and send alert to you【Motion detection alarm】...
RM149.00 from RM89.90
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Imilab EC3 Outdoor CCTV Camera - 1296P - Black
HIGHLIGHTS【Ready Stock + 1 Year Warranty】Ship from Selangor, Malaysia【Protect Your Property, Save Your Time】Instead of accessing the video after theft, it can notify you the first time and help you prevent crime.【IP66 dustproof and waterproof design】【AI humanoid detection】Reducing false positives...
from RM199.00
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Imilab EC2 Outdoor CCTV Camera - 1080P - Black
✹ Note: EC2 is required to pair with gateway, 1 gateway can support up to 4 cameras. For the 1st buyer: You can choose EC2 with gateway/ Home package For who looking for EC2 Camera only: You can choose EC2...
RM259.00 from RM229.90
Xiaomi Soundbar 3.1ch 430W Wireless Subwoofer - Black
‱ 【Ready stock + 1 Year Warranty】— Ships from Selangor‱ 【3.1 Channel】— Delivers three-dimensional surround sound with outstanding audio-visual effects. ‱ 【Seven Individual Audio Drivers】— Sensitive even to the most subtle change, it's like listening while being there in person. Feel every beat...
RM999.00 RM809.00
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Xiaomi Smart TV 4K 43 Inch - P1 Series - Black
đŸ“ș Still Searching for the perfect smart TV for your in house theater? đŸ“ș NEW Mi Smart TV P1 Series 43’’ đŸ“ș Ready Stock + 2 Year Warranty HIGHLIGHTSWhat’s special P1 Series compare to 4S(Refer Photo no.2)*【Limitless 4k Display with...
RM1,799.00 from RM1,469.00
Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Mop 2 Ultra - Black
‱【Ready stock + 1 Year Warranty】— Ships from Selangor‱【Automatic Dust Collector*】— Automatically empty the dust box of your robot vacuum. Feeling too lazy to clean dust box? Let dust collector do it for you (* Bundle Set or Purchased separately)‱【Dual-channel...
RM799.00 from RM629.00
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Dreame L10 Pro Robot Vacuum - 4000pa Suction Power - Black
HIGHLIGHTS 【Ready stock + 1 Year Warranty】Local Seller, Ships from Selangor, Malaysia 【2 In 1 Vacuum + Mop】Clean surface up to 2690 sq ft which is suitable for condo and office 【Superb LiDAR Navigation】Scan the surrounding with two lasers to better avoid obstacles. 【Up to 2.5 Hours Runtime】5200mAh large battery capacity, ideal for big house and...
RM1,449.00 from RM1,369.00
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Xiaomi Smart Health Kettle/ Health Pot - Black
🧒 Mummy lover & Student/People Stay without Kitchen.What’s Different from other health Kettle👍[App Control] : Control via Mijia App (Chinese version)👍[Control temperature in Real time] 👍[Built in programs and recipes to fulfill your craving]👍[Comes with stainless steel tea drainer –...
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Roborock S5 Max Robot Vacuum - 2700 sqft - Black
HIGHLIGHTS 【Ready stock + 1 Year Warranty by Dasher, Local Seller, Ships from Selangor】【5200MAH BATTERY CAPACITY】-Runs continuously for up to 150 minutes*. Clean up to 2700 square feet【290ml Water Tank + 460ml Dustbin】 -Mop larger area which up to 185 square...
RM1,649.00 from RM1,589.00
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